ContentLink Platform

The idea behind the ContentLink Platform was to offer a framework environment which could solve a number of diverse solution requirements Formark has observed with its clients over the years.

Purpose of ContentLink

  • Present a really simple Content Server UI, geared to a business process. Content Server has a multitude of functions, but many are seldom used or understood by users. This negatively impacts user adoption.
  • Support multiple web parts (windows) within a Content Server web UI. This feature supports business processes which require access to Content Server based information from different areas of the repository. Similarly, support access to other external systems.
  • Create process specific business functions which can perform a level of business logic, or which can aggregate and execute a number of Content Server functions.
  • ContentLink applications fully integrated within Content Server, including Records Management.
  • With ContentLink, no impact or modifications to Content Server internals, permitting ease of upgrade.

Designed to facilitate the development of a range of solutions

  • A Content Server equivalent of a SharePoint Team site
  • A Virtual Deal Room to manage RFPs or Grants – ContentLink Outside
  • Meeting and Agenda Management
  • Search applications which make extensive use of metadata – an integrated Well Files Search and visualization tool
  • A simplified workflow UI
  • Configurable case management in many forms

ContentLink Architecture

ContentLink Architecture | Formark Ltd.

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