Supporting Content Oriented Business Processes

Just having documents in Livelink isn’t enough – it’s the way the Formark solution combines the unstructured documents in Livelink with the structured information about the process in the external database that really simplifies everything. – OSFI IT Project Leader

Improve Business Process Effectivity

Formark Ltd. | Livelink ApplicationFormark applications support and automate business processes to boost productivity, reduce mistakes, and improve consistency.

Formark applications are like “super users” that automate and drive business processes at warp speed. The application interacts with users through web interfaces – tailored to their role – that guide them through their tasks in the process, while managing documents and other resources in the background.

Formark applications enable organizations to rapidly deploy standard “best practices” across the entire organization, especially business processes that also require collaboration among different groups inside or outside the organization.


  • Faster execution. Formark applications automate all of the steps that don’t explicitly need user input, and make it easy and fast for users to do their part.
  • Fewer errors. Formark applications only present users with choices that make sense for the task at hand, eliminating invalid or confusing choices that lead to unanticipated results.
  • Guarantees consistency. Formark applications ensure that business processes are done right the first time and every time, everywhere in the organization.

Case Studies

Learn how OSFI uses the Formark Collaborative Case Management System to drive the processing of requests from the financial institutions that they oversee.

Learn how a major US government agency used Formark’s Collaborative Case Management System to reduce the time to do C&A projects by 90%!